It was once a common belief that virtual tours were only for real estate agents. But, as technology has improved and become more affordable, there are now many different ways to use virtual tours to improve your business! In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use a virtual tour to increase customer engagement and conversion rates on your website.

What is a virtual tour?

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A 360 virtual tour is a 360-degree panoramic photograph that allows users to navigate through your business. The user can view the image from any angle and perspective, giving them an immersive experience of what it’s like inside the establishment! This helps customers feel confident in their decision to visit or do business with you.

Virtual tours are popularly viewed as tools for real estate agents and property developers, but they have many other uses too! Virtual tours are great marketing tools because they give potential clients a look into your business without actually having to go there themselves.

If you want prospective clients who may not live locally near you, virtual tours provide instant access via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets wherever the internet

A virtual tour can be created using a variety of technologies, such as 360-degree videos and virtual reality headsets such as Oculus and Google Cardboard.

When your business creates a virtual tour and makes it embed it on your website, you are creating the most immersive experience online for more customers to visit 24/7.

Virtual tours are a great way to create an immersive experience for potential clients

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The use of virtual reality allows the viewer-to-be-client to feel like they are visiting the place in person, without ever leaving their home.

With travel restrictions in place, tourism boards globally are taking advantage of the new technology by filming virtual tours that allow more customers to view some of their most popular destinations without ever setting foot outside.

For example, Guilin has numerous tourist services that offer virtual food tours, interactive cooking lessons, and 3D shows of movie adventures.

For pre-schools whereby the prospective parents would usually do a visit, they are now also opting to use virtual tours instead to minimise unnecessary contact between the kids and outsiders.

There are a lot more use cases for virtual tours for businesses. You can just think of this as a 3D version of your typical website.

A virtual tour can be used to showcase your business’s atmosphere, products, or services

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A virtual tour is a good way to showcase your business’s atmosphere, products, or services. Virtual tours can be incorporated into your existing website and create a further positive impact on your online presence.

The virtual tour can definitely be a great tool to help you increase the level of engagement with your clients.

  1. Stadiums can showcase their sitting arrangement and plans
  2. Restaurants can showcase their ambience
  3. Shops can create a virtual shopping experience for customers who are unable to travel personally
  4. Showrooms can display a look and feel of how their products line up
  5. Factories can use virtual tours to host business visitors from all over the globe who needs to inspect certain processes
  6. Places of interest can use the virtual tour to give a preview of the place in order to entice more people to visit
  7. Real estate agents and homeowners and use virtual tours to show the interior of the property to filter out genuine buyers from window shoppers
  8. Real estate developers using 360 virtual tours to provide an immersive experience of their sales gallry and show units
  9. Art gallery creating a virtual walk through of their exhibition spaces to let visitors enjoy the art pieces virtually
  10. Office and REITS using interative virtual tours to give a virtual tour online of their commercial spaces so clients and imagine how to space fit their needs
  11. Hotels using high quality virtual tours to give prospective customers a preview of their hotel rooms before booking

And the list runs on.

A few tips on how to get started with your own 360 virtual tour

  1. When creating virtual tours, it is important to have goals in mind. These goals should be related to the virtual tour’s objective. For example, goals are defined by understanding who your target audience is and what they need from the virtual tour. Are they looking for a virtual walkthrough? Do they want to see high-resolution images of specific aspects of your product or service? Set objectives and you will know the best way to use virtual tours to enhance your business objectives.
  2. Make sure you also consider virtual tour features when creating virtual tours. Features such as 360-degree capabilities and hotspots can add an extra dimension that can make virtual tours more attractive. In other words, consider making the tour as interactive as possible.
  3. Make use of virtual reality. Virtual reality is able to capture the attention of your virtual tour’s viewers in a way that traditional tours are not capable of doing. With virtual reality, users can be made fully immersed in the virtual surroundings and experience it as if they were really there themselves! the only hardware you need is the VR goggles which are getting commonplace by the day.
  4. And finally, make sure you have all the technical details worked out before starting work on any virtual tours. You will need an understanding of how much storage space is needed for each virtual tour plus its features (e.g., hotspots) along with other considerations such as file formats compatibility when uploading onto different platforms or websites – this includes mobile devices too! As technology becomes more affordable over time, businesses are now taking advantage of these new opportunities which otherwise would’ve been impossible years ago. Virtual

You can find examples of successful virtual tours by searching on the internet and looking at successful companies’ websites

Not sure where to start or how to get started? You can always start by visiting industry leaders who have created 360 virtual tours for their businesses.

What are the features that are great and perhaps how can you better improve on those existing tours?

The implementation and executive of such virtual tours are getting more and more sophisticated and creative by the day. By doing extensive research, you will be able to create a list of features you want for your own virtual tour.

How do I choose a company to create my virtual tour?

There are several virtual tour companies that you can explore from and it is important to look at the experience each company has in virtual tours.

Such companies are mostly runned by professional photographers who take take a series of high image quality photos and then create a virtual tour from them. They should also be capable of producing video and photography as digital assets to create information hotspots in your virtual tour.

You will also want a company that understands your business needs and requirements, so they know how best to create virtual tours for you!

You can also consider virtual tour companies that have a good portfolio of virtual tours they’ve created in the past. This will give you an insight into what kind of virtual tours they create and how effective those virtual tours are for their clients business needs.

The company ideally should also be able to help your business be listed and found on google street view. The number 1 search engine in the world.

In terms of cost, there is no fixed price as this depends on several factors including your requirements and timeline! However, it’s important to look at whether a company has transparent pricing that is upfront so you know exactly what costs to expect from start till finish.

And finally, make sure the support team is responsive – after all communication channels such as email or phone should be open throughout different stages especially if there are any problems or issues with regards to production (e.g., deadlines)

The best type of interactive virtual tours is one that is tailored specifically to the needs of your company.

If you are looking to implement a virtual tour for your company in Singapore, then it is important that the type of tour be tailored specifically to the needs of your company.

We can create an interactive 3D walkthrough with custom voiceovers and music that will give potential customers a more personal experience with what they would expect from doing business with you!

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