Spill the tea” is a common term used among millennials and gen z all across the globe. It simply means to spill the latest gossip and juiciest news. However, for this episode, we’re not here to share the latest news and gossips but instead, we are going to teach you how to get the “real tea”. 

As if ordering coffee wasn’t complicated enough, let’s add on the different types of tea. There may not be as much variation compared to coffee but don’t underestimate Singapore and their tea (or known as Teh).

There are 4 main types of tea you can find here in Singapore. There are Teh (Tea & Condensed milk), Teh C (Tea,Sugar & Evaporated milk), Teh O (Tea & Sugar) and lastly, Diao Yu which translates to fishing in English. Diao Yu is special because it comes with the tea bag and you can dip it in the water which resembles “fishing” (hence the name).

Now, from these 4 main types of tea, you can further customize it to your own preference. Here are a few examples of different tea you can order.

Teh Gatai = More condensed milk
Teh Siew Dai = Lesser sugar
Teh Po = Lesser shot
Teh Gao = Double shot
Teh O Kosong = No sugar

Also always remember to clank your tea before you drink it!