How to order your coffee in Singapore – Ultimate Guide



Have you ever gone for a quick coffee run to your local coffee shop and was greeted with a list of unique coffee names that you weren’t familiar with?

Where’s the americano and lattes?

Just like in western countries, Singapore offers a variety of Coffee selection with a twist. We visited a “Kopitiam” (Hokkien term for “coffee shop”) located in Block 73 Toa Payoh to try out and explain all the different types of coffee you can order. Just like in Starbucks, you can also customize your coffee the way you like it. But keep in mind the terms are different; or else you might not get the coffee you desire.

Different terms used:

Kopi = “Coffee” in Hokkien

Peng = “Iced” in Hokkien

Different Types of Coffees:

Kopi O : Coffee + Sugar

Kopi : Coffee + Condensed milk

Kopi C : Coffee + Sugar + Evaporated milk

Kopi Gau : Double Shot

Kopi Po : Lesser Shot

Kopi O Siew Dai : Less Sugar

Kopi Peng: Iced Coffee

So the next time the auntie at your local coffee shop asks you for your order, just remember all these terms and you’re good to go!

To see what’s it like getting a coffee in a Kopitiam, watch this video below!


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