Charlie Munger has shared he would not buy #Tesla OR short Tesla. #TeslaStock has gone up by 10x or 1000% and it is one of the most popular stock to buy right now. Google analytic trends has shown a high search volume.

What to expect Tesla stock moving forward. It it going to the poles. To the extreme! It could either crash to $87 because it is detached from reality or to $7,000 because of it’s immense potential in revenues and innovation.

If you are betting on Tesla stock, there are also good reasons. TSLA is sooner or later to be included into S&P 500. When it comes, there could be further optimism and demand. It could become debt free with sale of equity. If you are investing, there are concerns. Tesla is a one man company. Toyota on the other hand is not and has production and revenue that crushes it.

Tesla’s current market cap is bigger than the next 3 largest automobile. Remember that irrational exuberance is when investors act as it there is no uncertainty in the market.