He Gives Free Chicken Rice To “Cheer Up” Healthcare Workers – Ok Chicken Rice


In Singapore, chicken rice is one of the most well-known dishes among Singaporeans and visitors around the world. Little did we know, that such a common dish could bring such warmth and love during this COVID-19 pandemic. This was made possible by Daniel and Clara from OK Chicken rice, who started Cheer Up campaign in February this year.


What is Cheer Up campaign?

It aims to provide complimentary meals to our frontline healthcare workers who have stepped up to fight the COVID-19 virus. It started with news of nurses being discriminated in public due to their heightened exposure to the virus. When Daniel heard about the news, he decided to do something to cheer our healthcare workers up. This campaign has raised more than $30,000 so far. Many more are coming forward to make monetary contributions or help to deliver the meals to the various hospitals.


What made him start this campaign?

These meals not only fill stomachs but also fill the hearts of our healthcare workers with thanks from fellow Singaporeans. Daniel believes this is his way to encourage and to stand alongside our healthcare workers. He added that these healthcare workers can choose to take leave or change professions. However, they remain in their positions to fight against the virus, knowing they stand a greater risk to themselves and their families. He emphasised that this is not a charity for financially inadequate individuals. It is an unspoken message of appreciation conveyed with fresh daily made chicken rice.


What are the challenges he faced during this campaign?

Initially, hospitals were not ready for this initiative. There were concerns about food going to waste if the hospital staff has already taken their meals before delivery can be made. Also, daily delivery means more personnel moving in and out of hospitals which may pose more risk for staff and deliverymen alike. As the campaign went viral, together with enormous persistence from Daniel and his team, they manage to get SGH to accept 4,000 meals and eventually the other hospitals follow suit.


How will Circuit Breaker impact his chicken rice business and Cheer Up campaign?

His business will rely on online orders and home deliveries as there will not be dining-in allowed at the coffee shop. For delivery orders, you can visit OK Chicken Rice for island-wide deliveries between 10 am to 10.30 pm daily. As for Cheer Up campaign, Daniel has received overwhelming contributions so he will continue to fulfill the orders as promised. He is most concerned for his fellow hawker mates who are yet to be online ready. Staff may lose jobs when hawker businesses suffer.


How can you contribute to Cheer Up campaign?

You can visit OK Chicken Rice Facebook page where you can get hold of Daniel’s mobile number and PLEASE Whatsapp him instead of calling as he handles tons of calls every day. Any form of help from monetary contributions to offering delivery services is welcome.


What is his message to our frontline healthcare workers?

He believes this is the time to unify as one united people to overcome this pandemic and move on to a new way of life. And Cheer Up!


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