Chanced upon Guoma Steamboat 锅妈台式火鍋 during my staycation in JB.

It was full-house. And of course, what attracted our attention was the price 🙂

So we decided to try it out and made a reservation for dinner the next day.

The interior is clean and spacious.

You only have got 2 soup base to choose from, mala and chicken stock. The interesting part is the refilling of soup is also self-service.

There’s a good selection of meat, vegetables, and seafood. But do note that all of these are frozen.

Fear not, there are no additional charges for the dips. I tried making their suggested recipe. Maybe I did it wrong. Didn’t quite like the taste.

Overall, I find the food quality just about decent. But at RM39.80++ per pax, I guess there are no complaints.

This place is very popular so advance booking is suggested.

They have a few outlets and the one I visited is conveniently located next to Komtar CC. So you can actually park at city square and walk over.