Got Milk? No, not with No Milk Bistro.

No Milk Bistro does not only serve delicious clear fish broth, but they also run a rooftop bistro serving delicious fusion food!
No Milk Bistro does not only serve delicious clear fish broth, but they also run a rooftop bistro serving delicious fusion food!


[Singapore – 4 April 2019] The hot, stuffy weather got to you yet? Need some clear and
clean-tasting soup to freshen up your palate? Then we’ve got the perfect dairy-free fix for
you with the aptly named No Milk Fish Soup and Bistro. Level One offers up a piping hot bowl of clear fish broth that’s packed with 27 years worth of Teochew-style heritage and
goodness; and inconspicuous brown doors open up to a bistro on the second floor serving
up a delectable array of modern European cuisine with a strong hint of Asian influence, right above the Teochew-style fish soup restaurant.

No Milk Bistro – The Fish Soup Boutique @ Level 1

In a nation filled to the brim with rich, decadent food, sometimes a bowl of clear, nourishing Teochew-style fish soup that’s both light on the tongue and tummy is all we need. And this is where No Milk Bistro shines – it offers a bowl of fish soup that’s deceptively clear and full-bodied, finely balanced with a generous garnish of Japanese Nori in place of seaweed.

“Third time’s the charm. You’ll be craving our No Milk fish soup after you’ve had your third bowl. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing you again.”
– Chef Hoe Gern, 29


No Milk Bistro’s Chef, Hoe Gern, who was trained in the culinary arts, takes pride in offering
a (no-milkified) fish soup menu that’s bursting with umami. Currently serving two evergreen fishes, mackerel and sea bass, No Milk Bistro’s fish soups are available together with a slew of complementary dishes. Of special recommendation is its Black Char Siu and Grilled Pork Belly, curated dishes that enhance your gastronomical experience and leave you panting “What the fish!”. Especially when each bowl of fish soup is priced at a very agreeable S$6 (onwards).

For days when something spicy is right up your alley, No Milk Bistro’s signature spicy fragrant egg noodles, which are handmade daily, is a unique local take on mala, served with a hearty amount of grilled fish or pork belly, drizzled in homemade mala chilli sauce, is comfort food at its best.

With a seating capacity of up to 50 patrons, nobody is left hungry and wanting in No Milk Bistro. Furthermore, a concept seafood store will soon be integrated into the restaurant to allow patrons to shop for the freshest seafood while tucking into the freshest fish they will taste.

Open from 11am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday, No Milk Bistro (Fish Soup Boutique Restaurant) is perfect for any meal – from an early light lunch to a late-night post-bar perk-me-up!


No Milk Bistro – The Rooftop Bistro @ Level 2

Located on the second level of No Milk Bistro from 5.30pm to 12 midnight, be prepared to tap into a whole new world of tipples at its Rooftop Bistro, accessible from the fish soup boutique restaurant. Boasting a fine line-up of Mexican, Italian and local fusion cuisine, this
is the bistro to end your bistro-hopping nights.

Easily packing 30 bistro-goers indoors and another 20 outdoors, No Milk Rooftop Bistro is perfect for a cosy night out with just the right amount of shoulder-rubbing. And with a
fusion menu curated and designed, from the tequila-marinated angus beef right off the grill to freshly made tagliatelle, for great conversations amidst comfortable, laid-back decor, bistro-goers will find themselves plenty pampered.

Not to be missed are the egg pastas, handmade daily the Italian way, a water-less dough of eggs and flour in full flavour. The Beef Rendang Pasta is a heavenly combination of pasta slicking with rendang goodness and tender beef stewed for 12-hours and the Red Curry Pasta served with fried ebi that’s been marinated both inside and out so you can be sure that each mouthful is satisfyingly savoury!

And what’s a bistro without the drinks? Let the owner and resident barkeeper, Marcus, spoil you with a palate-pleasing variety of drinks and fresh fruit cocktails, priced from S$10 – S$20. No Milk Rooftop Bistro also offers regular promotions for an even better deal – every night is Ladies’ Night at No Milk, with discounts ranging from 1 for 1 liquor by the glass to 15% off bottles to Korean soju deals (3 bottles for only $42 with a free yakult mixer) – seriously, what’s not to love?

So, it’s time to gather your fam/ squad for the perfect 2-in-1 night out – dinner
first at Fish Soup Boutique Restaurant before venturing upstairs for a fantastic night of chilling.

Get your fix now at 18 Pahang Street 198615!


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