Hi folks, it has been a long while since I did any food reviews. If you are game for a little food hunt and you love to eat Japanese soba, then read on!

I first read about Reiwa Soba as I was casually browsing through my Facebook feeds. The Japanese couple opened a hawker stall over at Jalan Besar. A place is more well known for Sungei Road Laksa and Swee Choon Dim Sum.

If you are coming via MRT, then it is a short walk to the coffee shop. It is hidden inside the HDB estate.

reiwa soba jalan bersah

This is a very interesting neighborhood where you find a number of hardware shops as well as shops selling second-hand stuff.

REIWA soba jalan berseh

By the time I reach, there was already a queue formed. Almost every table is occupied by patrons of Reiwa Soba. Seems like news of this place have traveled fast.

reiwa soba location

This was actually the second time I visited. The first time I went, they were already sold out. They only sell 120 bowls of soba per day so my suggestion is to really get there early if you do not wish to make a wasted trip.

reiwa soba opening hours

I was there at about 11.30 am. Just before the lunch crowd started streaming in. The overall waiting time was about 30 minutes.

It was a nice gesture that they gave each of us a packet of dried mango snacks (free) while we waited for the food to be served.


On the menu, there are altogether 4 soba topping options for you to choose from: pork, chicken, soup of the day, and mango salad.

On my day of the visit, the soup of the day was tom yum.

I ordered the soba with pork. The cost was $12.

You can also pay for additional toppings or soba. But as it is, the serving is already pretty generous.


The usual soba we are familiar with comes with a dipping sauce made by adding soy sauce and mirin to dashi (Japanese soup stock). The owner at Reiwa Soba concocted his own unique spicy dipping sauce. It tastes somewhat like the chili oil sauce you can find at some of the Chinese restaurants.

It is unique and very appetizing.


You can add $1 for a soft boil egg to mix into the dipping sauce.


The pure buckwheat soba is freshly made on site. It does not have the doughy-taste that you tend to get from those factory-made ones that you buy off the shelves.

reiwa-soba-3 reiwa-soba-4

They will serve you the soba without a spoon (although you can still request one). The idea is for you to dip the soba into the sauce and slurp it all into your mouth.

The sauce is so delicious that I actually drank it all up!

reiwa soba 5

Conclusion: Must Try! I will definitely go back again real soon!

reiwa soba 6 reiwa soba 7


Opens Daily (Except Wednesday): 11.30 am to 1.30 pm

Address: 28 Kelantan Rd, #01-121, Singapore 200028