We’re done with learning how to order coffee and tea for breakfast and in the last episode, we learned the different types of noodles Singapore has to offer. Now, it’s time to learn every Singaporean’s go-to dish, ROTI PRATA.

Roti Prata is an Indian-influenced flatbread dish found in several countries in Southeast Asia, including Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. This is usually served with your choice of curry (eg. Chicken curry, Mutton Curry, Fish Curry & Masala). The classic version of Roti Prata is served plain or with eggs or cheese or even mushrooms. Again, the possibilities are endless!

Me and my team went to Springleaf Prata Place located in upper Thompson to try the different unique types of Prata they have. Their most recent addition to their menu is called the “Umami 50”. We’ve been told that they added this to their menu to commemorate Singapore turning the big 50 so I suggest you head over there right now and order yourself one plate of the Umami 50 because I can assure you, there will be no hint of regret. Aside from their specialty pratas (which I highly recommend that you try), they also offer classic prata such as egg, cheese, and mushroom so dare not worry that you won’t be able to find your favourite.

Check this video out to find out how pratas are made!