Fitness Journey Part 3 Video: The Challenges


As I push forward in my Fitness Journey…

This latest video presents the physical and psychological challenges faced during my fitness journey.

Since some years back, I have experienced joint and ligament injuries due to football. As I begin to lift heavier weights during my fitness journey, I am cautious in the rate of increasing my workout intensity. At the same time, not cutting myself short by going too easy on myself. I will try the weights at least 2-3 reps slowly to ascertain any sensation of pain before proceeding to the next level.

“You only start counting when you feel the pain”

This saying is indeed the only way to progress and grow, but it is also very much easier said than done during my fitness journey.

When I experienced aches and soreness, it usually takes me half a day to recover from the pain. Sometimes, I just continue working out until the pain goes away. Do be very careful when handling heavy dumbbells, especially bench presses, shoulder presses or any kind of lifting that goes above your head. Push as hard as you can to lift but if you really cannot, let your shoulders cushion the descend slowly instead of dropping the weights altogether causing potential injury.

Another important point is the form of the exercises. Sometimes, to complete the last few reps I will jerk and sway my body to add some momentum to lift. This is highly not recommended and potentially damaging to the body as well. Maintaining the right posture and form will maximise the effectiveness of each rep and my overall workout routine during this fitness journey.

“You are what you eat”

Other than the aches and occasional injuries of the body, I am greatly tested on my diet. Most of the time I am able to eliminate the processed carbs and sugars from my meals. On some instances, I indulged in snacks quite uncontrollably and can only work harder afterwards to compensate. I realise by totally eliminating the processed carbs and sugars is not sustainable. Rather, I should keep my intake at a low to moderate level in the long run.

“If you want to lose weight, eat alone. If you want to keep fit, workout together”

A shout out to my peers who have cheered me on so far and beyond. If not for them, this fitness journey can get pretty lonely at times. DO IT!


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