Fitness Journey Part 2 Video: Stepping Up

Time to step it up on my fitness journey

I continue my fitness journey by incorporating new exercises and learning the benefits of muscles building to aid fat burning. By categorising the muscles into five major muscle groups, namely the Chest, Back, Arms and Shoulders, Abs, Legs and Buttocks, I can better focus on the areas to work on each day. Also, the type of compound exercises that can work multiple muscles at the same time helps to make working out more efficient. Some of these exercises include Squats with curl, Dumbbell row with fly, Lunge with front raise and more.

Lift heavy

The idea is to lift as heavy as possible progressively in order to build muscle mass, and thereafter increase metabolic rate. When my metabolic rate increases, I will burn more calories. By lifting the same weights that I have been lifting will not help much in muscle mass growth.


The next point is intensity, which is just as important. I keep my resting times between exercises to a minimum and trust me it is not easy because I had to pant, squeeze and struggle every rep once the fatigue sets in. At the same time, it keeps my heart rate elevated and saves me time in the gym.

To always fail

The last point to remind myself is to fail, and what that means is to push my body out of its comfort zone and to not be able to finish that last few reps. That is the indication where I know my lifting exercises are at its optimal.

Abs Exercise

I also introduce an abs workout that helps to target muscles in the trunk area. For me, the trunk fats are mostly stored around my waist, aka love handles. If you like to try out this workout, this is the link for you.

Lastly, as usual, keeping out all processed carbs from my diet is the foundation of this journey. But for how long can I keep this up, I really have no idea. You cannot call me a foodie, but my previous diet is definitely quite close to a garbage truck where I can eat almost anything in large quantities.



















Feel free to leave your comments on where I can be doing better in my fitness journey, or maybe if you are doing something like what I am doing as well, let me know about your experience. Perhaps, that could work as a form of motivation for both of us.


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