Fitness Journey Part 1 Video: How to get started


What’s a fitness journey without working out right? More importantly it is to start somewhere no matter how simple or easy the workout looks. Set an achievable daily workout plan and stick to it for a start. My initial plan is to do the following for 25 consecutive days. If you try to set an overly demanding plan right from the start, it is going to be another convenient excuse to not get started or stick to.

Push ups

Left side plank dips

Right side plank dips



If you find that this is too little, go on for another set or two but do not over stretch such that it tires you out the following day. The key to any workout is consistency.

This is my breakfast for Day 1.

I actually like broccoli, long beans and starfruit, but it is impossible to eat the same thing every meal every day, not to mention the kind of food i do not like (which is rare). So I guess I am lucky enough to have enough variety to choose from moving forward.

Other food options include chicken, beef, fish, nuts, carrots, radish (refer to my Fitness Journey – Day 0)

The first thought after my breakfast is: how soon will I get hungry?


Just into my Day 3, I head to Bangkok for a short work trip. Similarly to Singapore, nice food is everywhere in Bangkok and it is going to be a challenge for me to refrain from going on a crazy eating spree. At the back of my mind, I kept reminding myself, ” no processed carbs, no processed carbs…”















I can see it is going to be a long journey, so let’s make it a worthwhile one. Enjoy the full video below!

Willie Tan


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