Fitness Journey – Day 0

Before we get started…

A more detailed look into my body fat analysis report:

As my Percent Body Fat (PBF) is on the high side of 21.7%, Body Fat Mass of 16.5kg and a massive weight of 75.7kg, these are the main numbers I am aiming to reduce without reducing too much of my muscle mass of 33.5kg which is slightly above ideal.

I will also have to increase my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) or loosely known as metabolism to about 1750-1850. According to the trainer, the main drivers are the amount of sleep (increase) and stress levels (decrease).

As per the segmental fat numbers, my fat level is “Over” for all parts of my body!! Not surprising right? Lastly, fat is mostly stored in the truck area, which also means it is the first place where fat is stored and the last place where fat will be burnt.

A quick overview of my regular diet:

  1. rice, noodles and bread for every meal
  2. frequent sweet snacks like chocolates, ice cream, biscuits
  3. lots of fruits, vegetables and water
  4. occasional drinking of alcohol

With the help (constant nagging) of my knowledgeable friend, the first foods to remove from my diet is all processed carbs which is virtually almost my whole diet. The main problem with processed carbs is that they often include high levels of added sugar, sodium and fat.

Processed carbs, also known as refined or simple carbs have most of their nutrients removed, thus also considered as “empty” calories. They usually have a high glycemic index or GI. This means that they lead to rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels after meals. With a high insulin level, it inhibits virtually any form of fat burning to take place in the body. If I am looking to reduce my body fat, these are the carbs I should definitely avoid at all cost.

During my fitness journey, I will not be counting my calories intake, but am going to be mindful of what I am actually eating from now.

It is highly recommended that you undergo a body assessment at any gym and take note of the processed carbs that you are consuming daily. My guess is that at least half of your diet consists of food under the bad carbs category.

You are not going to starve by avoiding grains (rice, bread), sugary drinks (soda,juice) and sugary snacks (cookies, cakes). It is simply a matter of giving in to it or not.

Willie Tan


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