Fitness…Being Accountable to Someone Else Rather than Yourself


Being the right size and weight or the ideal state of fitness has always been elusive to me. For when you are fit, when you are looking good; you don’t realise it, only when you look back you see different. Yet with turning 40 next year do I once again look at fitness again. Many times we feel accountable to ourselves to keep fit and staying healthy, yet I have let myself down…again.

Yet knowing that once I could run at a good pace, swim continuous laps or lift heavy is all in past. But the foundational building blocks, the mindset and the awareness of your body is something you will never forget too and makes it all worth the past efforts.

So today at 39 I stand as an Asian guy with a tummy, yet I know my flexibility in doing a complete squat is easy, coordinate a movement and even try out a dance move on TikTok, I realise I shouldn’t complain.


I have seen myself take on a fitness regime fast and drop them as quickly, and I attribute this to one factor accountability to myself. Yet I think that is a flaw in many of us as we tend to forgive ourselves pretty easily sometimes and accept our own excuses.

Tonight as I sit writing this I feel the gentle muscle ache of a decent workout recently completed recently. There was a personal trainer to guide, spot and push the limits. This really triggered the thought of accountability, maybe Gary Vee was right and being accountable to someone else is the way for some. So who am I accountable to are my kids. I owe it to them to remain healthy and able to entertain them. Who are you accountable to?


So off I went and took part in a gym introductory and trial session with ChangeNEvolve at a gym at Chijmes. And it was fun, tough, and an eye opener. Even in an hour we went through several isolating exercises for the Shoulder. But with a personal trainer around the whole gym experience was different and a lot more fun and educational.


Understand who you are accountable to?

Set out a plan or else get someone to help.

Make a comment below and see if there is anything there you could like.


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