Whether it is maths or any other subject, finding the right tutor for your child that will help him/her excel in the classroom is hard and time-consuming. When searching for a maths tutor for your child, it is imperative that as a parent you be aware of your child’s need and the tutoring expenses. Find out whether your child needs a math’s tutor online or one-on-one math’s tutor. It is important to think about how the tutor will be able to work with your child and help him or her excel academically. This may be necessary because there is a possibility of personalities may collide as the tutor, the parents, and the child may respond differently better to one another. Besides, you may also realize that the lessons that your child’s maths tutor is delivering maybe something beyond their ability and knowledge.

As you consider these decisions, here are 5 things you should do to find a maths tutor for your child. But before considering the following:


Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring a Maths Tutor

After you’ve decided to hire a maths tutor, here are some basic things you need to consider before you start looking for a maths tutor. 

1. Can your child work with an online-based math’s tutor?

2. If not online, do you think your child will respond better with a?

3. How much are you willing to spend on maths tuition?

4. How many classes do you think your child needs to excel or improve their maths performance?

5. Are there free alternatives (like YouTube) that are better than online maths tutors or one-to-one maths tutors? 


Make sure you do your research because you may never know there might be some better, and yes, free options out there. For example, you can always ask your child’s class teacher for extra classes if possible. You can also inquire your local libraries, churches, social clubs, or community centers whether they’ve any tutoring programs and how they have found out the schedule and where.

 Another thing you may consider are local universities or community colleges for any programs available, in case your child is a high school goer. You may find a group of people who maybe volunteering to teach on weekends or organize boot camps to help prepare students for SATs and other standardized tests. If you still can’t find any free programs or have not come across one that may help your child with mathstuition, then there are plenty of websites where you find maths tutors or websites that provide free mathslessons and tutorials.


Does A Math’s Tutor Require a Teaching Certificate?

Math’s tutors have different education and teaching credentials. Some maths teachers teach maths during their free time so that they can have their teaching degree while some tutors have years of experience teaching mathematics. Some teachers lack direct teaching experience but they do possess specialized education that can benefit your child. Nonetheless, there are tutors with maths degrees and with degrees in other subjects in college and enjoy providing private maths tuition to students. In general, a teaching degree is imperative if the student is in elementary school or has some sort of learning difficulty or a behavioral disorder when it comes to maths or any other subject. In those circumstances, having a tutor or education specialist with advanced degrees might be helpful.


How Much Does Maths Tutoring Cost?

Whether its maths or any other subject private tuition costs money, but the question here is how much does it cost to hire a private maths tutor. There are plenty of students who can afford private maths lessons or other mathematical aids to improve their maths learning in the classroom. It usually boils down to their parents’ financial capabilities and whether they can afford to get their children that extra help they need to excel in maths. For most families, it is the price of private maths tuition that is the deciding factor in most scenarios. However, there are options which we will explain in this article, but to give you a hint — not every kind of tutoring have to break the bank. There are viable alternatives available for all budgets. Let’s have a look at some of them:


How much do Maths Tutoring Companies Normally Charge?

Every tutoring company has its own tuition rates depending on tutor salaries, location, taxation, and other fixed overhead costs. All of these variables are factored to calculate the cost for one hour of tuition. Many of these organizations, in general, demand their tutors to hold a degree in maths or in the subject they will teach. Some companies at least require tutors to have a minimum A grade in the subject they teach in the A levels. Not only these criteria uphold the reputability of these tutoring companies, but it helps them to guarantee a certain level of quality and qualification to their rendered services so that the students can be successful. Whether you are on with this or not is up to you.


How Much Does An Undergrad Student Charge For Private Maths Tuition?

There has been a surge in the number of students demanding an undergraduate student or an A level maths tutor to provide them private maths lessons. These tutors are usually searching for tutoring jobs to get some teaching experience and to make some extra money along the way and most are happy to do it. So, how much do they charge for maths tuition? Here are stats we find out:

1. GCSE math’s: $10 per hour
2. AS level and A level: $15 per hour
3. GCSE (small group): $20 per hour
4. AS level and A level (large group): $30 per hour


How to Find an Ideal Maths Tutor forMaths Tuition

Word of Mouth

This is the most obvious and I suggest you start with this one. Ask your friends or other parents with kids of similar age about where they hired their maths tutors, how much are they paying for each session or for the entire session, how involved are they with the children, and so forth. Chances are you’ll these conversations helpful or it may turn out they aren’t good match for your kid, nonetheless, you can still figure out how much time and money they spend on maths tuition for their children.

Check Bulletin Boards of Clubs/Libraries/Universities/ Community Centers

Local libraries, community centers, churches, student clubs aren’t obligated to provide after school tutoring programs, but they have bulletin boards where people post tutoring jobs. Check them and maybe you can get a few names of potential maths tutors to call.

Ask Your Child’s School Teacher or Counselor

Most parents looking for tutors usually ask their child’s teacher to provide them, extra classes, when they’re free, but let’s be honest here — most teachers don’t have the time and resources to offer your child, additional one-on-one classes. But that doesn’t mean that none of them will. Your child’s teacher probably knows someone who can. See tutors work with other schools and teachers and meet them regularly at school or some other places. So, they might refer you, someone, you can provide private maths tuition to your child. In addition, if other students already have a maths tutor, it is likely that the teacher is acquainted with them and can get in touch with them. If you’re a parent who is homeschooling your child, you can check the bulletin boards of local schools and or student counselor or the school’s office secretaries for recommendations. These people are always in touch with other teachers and home tutors or know students with maths tutors, so they can offer some suggestions as well.

Find a Tutor on Websites

Still having trouble finding a maths tutor? There are a few websites that provide information on finding local tutors, but we recommend you check Wyzant.com. This site does what it supposed to do, provides a list of available tutors based on the parents and students preferences such as location, and connect students with local tutors. If you want to meet the tutor in person before you hire him or her, you can by setting up meeting times through the website. You can ask tutors questions about the tutoring subjects and which times he or she is available for tutoring. This is an awesome option, but some of you may find it difficult especially if you happen to live in small towns or remote locations as most private tutors are reluctant to offer their services there.

 Use Online Tutoring Services

Online tutoring services are your last option if you can’t seem to find a math’s tutor to meet in-person or a private tutor who is unable to provide his or her services in your proposed schedule. Online tutoring services are great for everyone looking for individualized help online and there are plenty of online math’s tutorial sites out there that allow you to that, but we recommend you get started with Thinkster Math’s, Chegg, Tutor, or Varsity Tutors. Most of these websites have programs that combine various online tests, practice tests and games with personalized instructions and attention from an online tutor. Students also receive feedback on the tests and lessons they’re doing and how they’re performing. Furthermore, the children can also get one-on-one tutoring lessons to discuss homework assignments and other specific topics with their tutors every week

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