Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income is a popular fund.

It is also on DBS’s fund select list as a global balanced fund to choose from.

If you’re not a DBS client, this is a typical recommended list.

In this post, you see comparisons also with Dimensional World Allocation 60/40 fund which is gaining in popularity.

Source DBS

Footnote: DBS FST Fund Ratings The DBS FST currently covers over 300 funds. The team will review and assign an appropriate rating to each fund.

This rating reflects the team’s assessment of the fund’s competitive advantage and represents the level of conviction that the team has with respect to the fund performing well relative to its peers and its assigned asset class benchmark over the next 18 to 36 months.

Investors should, however, note that the DBS FST Fund Rating is not a view on funds as an asset class nor is it a guarantee of a fund’s performance.

Strong correlation of performance between the funds

This is a 3year chart plotted for the 4 global funds and Dimensional world allocation 60/40 GBP (because it had a 3y record).

You’d realise strong correlation and that Jan2019 was a bad period for all funds.

While Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income is rated *** only in the list above, it arguably had a good 4.45%p.a with a lower volatility. This meant that price movements were more stable than the other funds.

Source IFAST (Advisers access) 

Hence, I’d favour it abit more and would use it to compare against Dimensional World Allocation 60/40 as a globally diversified investment approach.

1y chart between Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income and Dimensional World Allocation 60/40 GBP

GBP in the last 1 year was actually very stable vs SGD. Hence, fund performance was not varied much by currency factor. Below is a chart on GBPSGD.

Dimensional World Allocation 60/40 GBP outperformed slightly but had more volatility.

Source IFAST (Advisers access) 

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