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Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee

Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee
Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee. $4.

Fei Fei used to serve perhaps the best wanton mee in the east. Recently it has been getting mixed reviews from patrons. It is located along Joo Chiat Place and occupies a whole coffeeshop, aptly named Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee King. Other than wan tan or wonton mee, it also serves yong tau hu.

Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee Stall

A bowl of wan tan mee costs $4 and it is rather decent in size. Enough to satisfy moderate to slightly large eaters. The noodles are a little too dry and the wan tan is a little flaky. It should be taken with chilli which enhances the taste.

Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee. $4.

The chilli used to be placed on the soup spoon which comes with the noodles. Now they put it under the noodles. In the past, you went to the chef to have your bowl filled with piping hot soup after you finished your noodles. This made the soup flavourful as it absorbed the remaining oil and sauce from the bowl. Currently, they just serve the soup together with the noodles. I personally preferred the old school way of eating their wan tan mee.

The standard may have dropped precipitously but they still serve more than decent wan tan mee. If you are in the Joo Chiat, East Coast area, do give Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee a try. They are open 24 hours so there is no excuse not to!

Fei Fei Wan Tan Mee
Address: 72 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427789
Opening Hours: 24 Hours


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