The girl who treats her skin right probably knows what skin type she has, however not every one of you might vanquish this situation. While some know what their usual skin type is, most of the people still stand blank when asked about the skin type they carry. Usually, there are five skin types namely, normal, oily, dry, and sensitive and understanding all of these types does nothing but buffs your efforts to get clearer skin.

According to NU skin reviews, clearer skin isn’t just getting a shiny surface but, also feeling like one. We also agree that sometimes your genetics play a major role in deciding the skin type of an individual, however, this might get later on affected by your daily habits and environmental conditions as well. To discover your skin type and learn to best care for it, read the blog further.

Normal Skin Type

On one hand, there is an oily skin that shines excessively and has greater chances of acne breakouts and then there is a skin that stays cracked and flaky all the time of the year. However, a normal skin type is something that comes between both of them neither its too oily nor too flaky. Considered as one of the best skin types, having normal skin is absolutely a bliss as there are fewer chances of getting wrinkles or fine lines and the tone stays even with zero blemishes.

Though very few studies show any normal skin type containing blemishes, even if your skin gets one, there are ways you can get clear skin. All you need to follow is a decent skincare regime to achieve the optimal health of the skin. Another thing that people should take care of is, it’s the biggest myth that people believe skin never changes, of course, it changes with the developing age or life events as menopause, pregnancy or adolescence. And, finally talking about what all products to use, people with normal skin types should always choose between products that don’t tend to make the skin over greasy or over dry.

Dry Skin Type

Having dry skin consists of various factors one of them is hereditary as the genes have the ability to carry forward the amount of sebum generated in oil glands. It’s been ages that we have been hearing about moisturization and why it’s essential for dry skin specifically, however, people still lack behind understanding it and finding the right moisturizer for their skin.

Keeping aside the importance of moisturization, people assume to have dry skin due to the lack of water content in the skin, however, the truth is both the oily and dry skin have similar water levels. Problems like constant allergic reactions become normal for people with dry skin and, in case you are one of them, using a cream can benefit you. Now, there are also lotions available in the market but, the kind of impact creams have in moisturizing the dry skin, lotions don’t have. The reason being the oil content present in cream is much higher and thicker than that found in lotions and remember, the more the oil the better the absorption level.