Durian Culture: An honest durian seller

Durian Culture: An honest durian seller. Along Upper Serangoon Road. If you live in the Hougang, Punggol, Serangoon, Kovan area, you have to try this stall!
Durian Culture

Buying durians is often a huge headache. Due to the expensive nature of the fruit, we durian lovers tend to search high and low for the right durian stall. A place whereby you will not get fleeced. Horror stories of durian sellers swapping your selected durians with ones of poorer quality are actually true. I personally have encountered such incidents on more than one occasion.

Well, Durian Culture is the exact opposite from unscrupulous sellers. The stall is located along Upper Serangoon Road. It is just after Punggol Nasi Lemak.

Durian Culture

I have been patronising this particular stall for more than five years and I have never been disappointed. On a couple of occasions when the durians that I purchased were less than satisfactory, they would compensate me with some replacements or charge me cheaper for my next purchase. If the durians at the stall were not good, they would inform me beforehand. I could then make an informed decision whether to proceed with my purchase or come back another day.

Do look for Ah Mun. He remembers my family members’ preferences and knows which durians suit our individual palate.

Ah Mun of Durian Culture

The only issue I have with this place is that parking can be inconvenient. Patrons usually stop along the road side but then parking wardens do prowl this area very frequently so you run the risk of collecting a summons which patronising Durian Culture. If you intend to sit at the stall and enjoy your durians you may do so. However, if you drive, do park at one of the car parks in the area. There are many car parks within a 5-minute walk from Durian Culture.

Durian Culture is along the main Upper Serangoon Road

Durian Culture
Address: 1007 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534745
Contact: +65 9180 1080
Website: https://www.durianculture.com/

Yours Sincerely,
Daryl Lum



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