2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of the much-loved manga character Doraemon. If you love Doraemon, come visit the National Museum of Singapore where you get lots of photo-taking opportunities.

Most of the displays are outdoor. Admission is free. The exhibition will be from 31st October 2020 till 27th December 2020.

You can visit from 10 am to 7 pm daily. The last admission is at 6.30 pm.

While you are there, you can also consider enjoying the exhibits within the National Museum of Singapore as well. Inside, you can learn a lot about the history of Singapore. Singaporeans get to enter the exhibition for free.

Another very interesting experiential exhibition is the Story of the Forest. This is created by the renowned Japanese digital art collective teamLab. This is a very beautiful virtual landscape inspired by the 69 drawings from the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings.

When I last visited Tokyo in 2019, I visited the original teamLab exhibition. It was awesome.

I managed to snap some pictures of the various Doraemon exhibits outside the museum. Do go check it out when you are free!