Do Not Be a Victim….Domain Kidnapping

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For the week to come I would like to give you this advice to avoid being domain kidnapping; own it. If you already have a website or a personal site with an address or URL please go and arrange to own it as soon as you can. Remember it is just an address and will not affect your site, the great tip here is to talk to the service provider to run the transfer. They are very helpful and will usually render the help without additional cost.

Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash
Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

It’s just a Location Address

The domain basically tells the browser where the website data is stored at so a domain transfer is just a process to ensure the route is clearly defined. Another thing to note is that your domain is renewed yearly or bi-annually and once you own it literally no one else can take it from you.

Do Not Let It EXPIRE

Do not let it expire unless you really do not want it anymore. Otherwise to get back a “lost” one is either impossible or really expensive. Anyway to be honest what worries most is the cost.


Check the pricing at several providers and note that sometimes the promise of a low price may be for an expensive subsequent years’ obligation. Another is the Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) in Singapore there is and .sg again the prices will differ but do note they do not go beyond $100 a year. But for a ccTLD you need minimally a Singapore ID for .sg and a business ID for

My Domain is Where my Website is….

A very common mistake is to assume your website is your domain, again the it is an address with instructions to where the info of your site is stored. Your website should be on a host which can either be a physical CPU or in the cloud.

Domain Kidnapping

This is when you finally realise the game is complex and you are at the mercy of whoever owns it. People can turn nasty and demand unreasonable subscription pricing or you may find it impossible to have options for other developers to work with you due to an impasse.

How to do a Transfer?

Ask the present owners for a transfer key, this allows you to move the domain ownership to another service provider. OR you can open an account with the present service provider and all the present owner does is acknowledge the transfer.

So for the week to come, ensure you own your domain address. Leave me a comment if this was helpful.


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