DIY: How to scrap your car in Singapore

A DIY guide for those looking to scrap their car by themselves. The process is rather straightforward. You can actually do it yourself and save some money.
Cars at a scrap yard

I have successfully scrapped my own car. It is a very simple process.

One month before you are going to scrap your car, make a trip down to LTA to get a transaction pin (T-Pin) and a form D01 (Application For Deregistration of a vehicle and grant of PARF /COE Rebates. You can also request for a list of approved scrapyards from the counter

You can also reset your password for your login services if you are deregistering the vehicle for your company directly from the counter staff.

You can enquire about the scrap car body value by calling them. The car scrapyard quoted me $150 for my Honda City but gave me $250 because my car is in working condition.

Documents you will need when you go to LTA:

  1. NRIC
  2. ACRA document for company (for company registered vehicles)
  3. Authorisation letter from your company to reset the login service password. (fro company registered vehicles)
  4. Authorisation letter from your company to obtain the T-pin.

You can also do all these online. I went down to LTA direct so that I can get all the required documents and forms for scrapping and ensure that the process to claim back my PARF is smooth.

On the day you are scrapping your car, bring the T-pin and form D01 to the car scrapyard. They will handle all the paperwork to LTA. Once done, they will ask you to login to your login services to claim back your PARF rebate. When you log in, just key in your account number and the monies will be in. For me, my PARF rebate came in within 3 days.




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