Finally, I have the chance to check out Dim Sum Haus which is located next to Jalan Besar MRT.

The dishes I had were generally good and it’s a place I will definitely go back again. The quality of the food does give the Hong Kong dim sum vibe.

First up was the salted egg custard bun. The crust of the bun was light and fluffy. Look at the salted egg goodness oozing out of the bun. It’s definitely one of the must try when you visit Dim Sum Haus.

I think they use the same crust for their Char Siew Bao as well. Shall try that the next time around I visit again.

This is their signature charcoal siew mai. The layer of fish roe on the top combines very well with the siew mai.

Steamed chicken feet. My wife loves this and says it’s one of the better ones she has had in Singapore.

Hong Kong Boat Congee. This simple dish was surprisingly good. They have added a lot of ingredients into the bowl. Prawn, octopus, fish, peanuts and youtiao. I like the way they prepared the youtiao. Cutting it into smaller pieces and fried them till super crispy.

HarGow is my favorite dim sum dish. Over here, they did a wonderful job making the hargow. The skin was thin and does not break easily. Most importantly, it tasted great!

Another of their popular dish at Dim Sum Haus. We were rather full after all the previous dishes but we thought we have to try this.

Remember to dip the Chee Cheong Fun in the black sauce that comes with it.

Out of all the items ordered, the osmanthus cake was perhaps the most average tasting item to me.


Dim Sum Haus serves quality Hong Kong style dim sum. Period.

And more importantly, they come at wallet friend prices. For the above items, plus a pot of Chinese tea, I spent about SGD49.

This place is highly recommended for Dim Sum and it’s easily accessible via Jalan Besar MRT. The place is clean and is air-conditioned.

For more information, please visit the Dim Sum Haus Official Website.