Digital Footprint for Marketing your Business

Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash
Photo by Christopher Burns on Unsplash

Your digital footprint is how you are marketing yourself/business online now; marketing your business is not really that tough. Many will wonder where do I start? Or what content do I put up? Or can I automate the whole thing? But I think you can do most of the start points yourself first, than decide what to do later.

Your Marketing Journey in Marketing your Business

Everywhere, don’t limit yourself to a single channel and do it all. Push it in all directions and work hard at it. But do take into consideration the type of content that suits each platform. Long form articles, short quotes, images, etc.

Do I Need to Attend This Digital Marketing Course or Workshop?

No and yes. It really depends on how you learn. Maybe you are one of those that needs a physical form of a person teaching. Or you need to feel that you have spent money and want to gain it back through following the teachings. But Digital Learning is just that DIGITAL, use google, youtube and free eBooks.


Automate only when it is a pivot point. Meaning if the (task x quantity x time taken) outweighs the cost saving. Don’t do it just because someone else does do it for yourself.

No more Buts…Get your Digital Footprint

Just begin with a single post on any platform and learn and keep at it. But this is also the time to ask if you want to get professionals to get it done for you. A Digital Agency can help and manage all the needs without further hassle on your part, but there is a price tag.

Hack you can even drop us a comment and maybe post it up here on

Drop me a comment and your link to your post. Ill read it and make a comment as well. Lets all work together and journey together in this digital arena.


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