Jack Ma planned for his retirement from Alibaba for 10years and indeed he left his position in Alibaba as planned. I think too few have discussed the planning to get to semi #retirement and it really doesn’t need to be work work work then suddenly retired!

This sharing has answers to

1) Semi retirement with a business

2) Semi retirement with “NO pressure work”

3) Should a semi retired be dabbling into shares or learning shares then

4) How to calculate how much to aim for

4:30 – Calculation for someone with $500,000 savings to become semi-retired at age of 50 to become fully retired at age of 60. All it needs is for an investment portfolio to grow at 5%pa and income to match expenses from age50-60.

Benefits of semi-retirement

It helps in keeping healthy and being mentally healthy. When do you want to start your semi-retirement phase?