How To Create A Child Education Fund Using Investments!

Endowment plans has guaranteed maturity amounts but because returns are lower, more cash is needed.

How To Create A Child Education Fund Using Investments!

Saving for your child’s future education is an important task to start as early as possible!


The longer you save the more years to compound the interest/returns on that money.

And not to mention, more years of savings means more capital.

How much do you need to save up per kid for Singapore university?

I graduated from NTU Accountancy in 2008 and during that time (always the good old days) I paid only $3,800/yr for my university fees.

I did some detective work and the tuition fees have now inflated to $9,400 TODAY! 

So let’s assume an inflation rate of 2% after 18years, the possible course fees per year at NTU may be $13,400/y if you have a baby today. 

Hence, $50,000 is needed (conservatively…).

Child education fund

But again, that is local singapore university for most courses.

If your kid studies medicine, it will be more expensive =P

And of course, if it’s overseas education, it’s going to be a huge amount!

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