Cabin Zero ADV Pro Review: A Great Carry On Backpack For Your Travels?

Recently, I have been doing some extensive research for a great carry on backpack to use for my travels.

My primary purpose is to carry all my video equipment, ideally, it should also have a compartment that fits my 15-inch laptop as well as anti-theft features.

I have considered brands that have backpacks specifically made for cameras. These are usually heavily padded and are compartmentalized. But I decided against those as I figured there is a chance the backpack can double up as an everyday backpack or a more versatile carry on luggage.

So that was when some people on forums suggested Cabin Zero. Cabin Zero generally creates backpacks that are geared towards travel use. One unique feature is their backpacks work more like suitcase where packing space is maximized.

How do I rate the Cabin Zero ADV Pro? Do check out my video review above.

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