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Your key content is staring at you in the face

We often disregard what's staring at us in the face today, the key content we've been searching for is us. I kid you not but the journey we all are embarking on is seriously...
Photo by Gor Davtyan on Unsplash

Perfection is not the goal it is a journey

It is time to break the mould that is ingrained in ourselves about perfection. We need to realise that perfection is not something we will never truly achieve. Rather it is a goal we strive...
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Content is King

Content is the pillar we are all going to either regret not collecting or enjoy the fruits of your labour. Content comes in many types and each has its recommended channel. This forms a...

Productivity….is it real?

Productivity will always focus on one essential which is time. Time is something that we cannot control. It is ongoing and every moment of hesitation is another moment, second, minute, hour or day gone. Yet...
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To Automate or Not

Often in Business Development or Sales the word automation pops up at some point of time. Automation is a word sometime we may use too easily not knowing what we are diving into. After...

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