Corporate Tax Filing: A guide for businesses by an ACRA Filing Agent. Companies need to file their corporate taxes by 30th November (for paper filing) or 15th December (for e-filing). Here is what you need to know about filing your company's corporate tax.

Corporate Tax Filing

This article first appeared on the Singapore Secretary Services Resource Page Singapore is a very attractive place to do business. It is safe, corruption-free, has a highly-skilled workforce and a very attractive corporate tax system....

State of the Social Media Journey

2 Min Read:: State of the Journey makes it sound so serious yet it is not for my adventure in Social Media. The social media journey started about 2 months ago, and I have learnt...
Why 96% of business fail and how a business plan can be a great safeguard

Why 96% of business fail and how you can prevent it

By Dr. Douglas KongWhy 96% of business fail and how you can prevent it.Research has shown that 80% of all businesses fail within the first 18 months and a whopping 96% of new businesses...
branding after company registration

After registering your company, branding is The Next Step

Now that you’ve successfully registered your business, what’s next? What do you do once you’ve incorporated? Other than getting down to business. How do you create a lasting impression in your target audience? Branding is...
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Explain the Abbreviation. CMS (Content Management System)

How many times have you come across a Term, a Tech Abbreviation or some sort of Jargon; today is Website CMS (Content Management System)? Maybe it is out of habit or wanting to go...

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