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Is Having A Business Card Still Relevant?

Without realization, Digital technology has taken a toll on our everyday life. In this digital era, most of the business world is run digitally such as email, a phone call and obtaining tender. We have lost...

What is the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns? – Dr. Douglas Kong

If you're a small business, you would probably feel that the money you spent on digital marketing does not quite get the results you thought you would be getting. In fact, for most businesses,...

How organizations cope with traumatic stress – Dr. Douglas Kong

The last few decades have been characterised by many as disruptive. The rate of discovery and inventions accelerated bringing with it fast pace advances in many fields because of the technological changes in IT,...

Dr. Douglas Kong – The Challenge of Leadership Today

There is an urgent need for good leadership today. Why? The challenges facing our time are critical. We are facing a time of disruption and upheaval, for while innovation in Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence...
Dr Douglas Kong - How to scale up your business

Dr Douglas Kong – How to scale up your business

By Dr. Douglas Kong Ready to scale up your business? Are you interested in scaling up your business? In my conversations with business owners, there will be some who have seen their businesses become profitable and...

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