Productivity….is it real?

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Productivity will always focus on one essential which is time. Time is something that we cannot control.

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It is ongoing and every moment of hesitation is another moment, second, minute, hour or day gone. Yet it can sometimes be misaligned by literally anyone, me included.

Productivity- Worker

At this level is probably the easiest to measure and determine under simple observation.

How long does it take to complete a task?

Can one person do the job of many in the same period of time?

Resolving this can allow the process to scale easily this can be done via re-modelling processes, skillset improvement and of course automation. So you can improve the productivity but not achieve full efficiency.

Productivity – Supervisory

This level is both subjective and objective at the same time. But this is the control layer of any business. Yet many employers seek ways to remove this integral layer of management, and instead take control of it and manage it themselves.

Productivity – Management

This is the area I personally feel is the most subjective. Yet the way to improve this area and to gain productivity is to decide and not hesitate when the decision lies in the balance.

Where do I start?

  1. Document. Take time and create a chart of the processes you carry out in the business. No process is too small or ridiculous to document.
  2. Identify Stakeholders. Who is in charge of the whole process, and sub-tasks? This will allow for you to find overlaps.
  3. Experiment. Cut a part of the process out. Does the entire system collapse, add an additional step and maybe the process may improve.

Hit me up with a comment, I really want to hear from you. Maybe you could share how you are adopting productive initiatives for your business or even if you are listening and listening.


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