Ever thought of spicing up your office? Or maybe you want to provide recreational amenities to your condominium residents? Regardless of whichever it is, building a game room may be the best idea yet.

Having a game room is a shorthand to communicate something about your brand and workplace culture. It’s about team building and de-stressing on a daily basis. Games foster harmony between co-workers and build teamwork spirit as co-workers connect over games.

On top of that, it attracts and retains a certain demographic of employees. Why wouldn’t you want to attract the brightest and most talented youths to your company?

You may insist that playing is counter-productive, but the ‘work hard play hard’ culture cultivates brighter and more energised employees. In turn, they will produce better work results. Here‘s a further read on why you should invest in a game room for your office.

If you’re wondering if you need a game room for your condominium, the answer is yes. Playgrounds may be a shared space for children, and basketball courts may be a shared space for the physically active — but what about a communal area for the gamers? Having a game room would allow your neighbours to bond with each other outside of the virtual world. Instead of coldly ignoring one another in the lifts, they can discuss the latest games available in the common game room.

Now, the question is: What should I include in my game room? Here are some ideas for your game room:

1. Foosball Table

Garlando Pro Champion in Office Game Room

Garlando Pro Champion in Office Game Room (Photo cred: The Men’s Cave)

Garlando G500 Foosball Table in Office Game Room

Garlando G500 Foosball Table in Leap Asia’s Office’s Game Room (Photo cred: The Men’s Cave)

A foosball table is the hallmark of any game room. Visibly, foosball is getting more popular and available around the world. Accessible to people of all ages, even your grandparents can enjoy a game of foosball.

Even then, there are various types of foosball tables.

Not sure which table to get for your gaming room? Garlando Pro Champion is the official ITSF foosball table and is great for any usage. Garlando Class Indoor would make a perfect fit for offices with its reduced maintenance required, quieter gaming and durable long term usage. Made for outdoor usage, Garlando G500 Outdoor is a waterproof heavy-duty foosball table manufactured with marine grade materials. However, if you’d like the best foosball table in the market, Bonzini Babyfoot’s B90 Flagship Table is made just for you, handcrafted in Paris.

A table that is relatively space-saving, this guide will tell you the exact area you need for your foosball table in your personal or corporate game room.

2. Table Tennis Table

You And Me Multipurpose Table Tennis Table in The Men's Cave Office

You And Me Multipurpose Table Tennis Table in The Men’s Cave Office

Table tennis, while being easy on the joints, is good for physical health, keeps you mentally sharp and improves reflexes. This game also stimulates concentration and improves hand-eye coordination. Even if your colleagues or neighbours don’t know how to play table tennis, it’s okay. They will, soon.

The table in the image above looks fascinating right?

It’s a ping-pong table. Standard sized, with a surface, a design, and a structure which gives it full playability.

But, this You and Me Standard is also a large dining table, a conference table just right for the board room, or whatever you want. All the sportiness that it gets from the net, the bats, and the balls, can be put in the side drawer and hidden away completely. Built from high-quality materials, it has been made for either indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for any sports or non-sports usage, this RS Barcelona table will be a great addition to your game room.

If you prefer the traditional table tennis table, do check out this range of tables.

If you’re unsure as to how much space you need, do give this space guide a look.

3. Air Hockey Table

Galaxis Arcade Op Air Hockey in American Club

Galaxis Arcade Op Air Hockey in American Club (Photo creds: The Men’s Cave)

Galaxis Arcade Op Air Hockey in American Club

Invented in 1972, air hockey is a game where two players play against each other on a low-friction table. You’d have probably played this in any arcade. If you love this game, why not bring the arcade home?

Motion XT 7ft Multigame Table is a full sized air hockey table that utilises a solid swivel system to switch into a competent 7ft pool table, with full accessories to boot.

If you’re looking for a commercial grade Air Hockey table, the Galaxis (pictured above) is at the top of the list.

This space guide will come in handy for your space considerations.

4. Pool Table

Crown VI 8ft Pool Table in NJC

Crown VI 8ft Pool Table in NJC (Photo cred: The Men’s Cave)

A casual game known for its ubiquitous presence in bars and pubs, billiards is a game that can be played casually. Apart from its established spot in bars, pool tables are also now more commonly seen in any game room in condominiums and offices.

Crown VI is the dream table for every pool player. It is fitted with premium PNS 900 series cloth. This is a great pick for offices or public spaces. If you’re looking for a pool table for your home however, dining pool tables such as Montfort, Contempo and Majestic are recommended.

Want to own your own pool table? Check out this space guide for the area you need in your game room.

5. Arcade Machine

Defender Retrocade Pro in Autodesk's Office Game Room

Defender Retrocade Pro in Autodesk’s Office Game Room (Photo creds: The Men’s Cave)

Retrocade Vewlix in NTUC Income's Office Game Room

Retrocade Vewlix in NTUC Income’s Office Game Room (Photo Creds: The Men’s Cave)

If you’re one of the gamers who spent hours in arcades back in the 1980s, an arcade machine would be a dream come true for you. These modernised retro arcade machines have over 600 classic games in HD, such as the Street Fighter series, Marvel vs Capcom, PacMan, Defenders and even more. Whatever arcade game you want, they have it. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?

You can get a full sized upright cabinet, Retrocade Pro. It is suitable for heavy usage in offices or commercial spaces. For more comfortable playing where you can sit comfortably while playing, Retrocade Super Mini or Retrocade Vewlix are great machines. For gaming at home though, you may want to consider this Retrocade Verso Coffee Table, a 2-in-1 arcade machine where you can chill on your couch at the same time.

6. Dartboard

VDarts Mini Plus in Condominium Game Room

VDarts Mini Plus in Condominium Game Room (Photo creds: The Men’s Cave)

Darts is a relaxing game for all to play. When you’re feeling tense or have had a stressful time, it is easy to unwind by picking up some darts and having a few throws.

VDarts Mini Plus provides the ultimate convenience of a high-quality dart machine. As the playing surface is sound-absorbing, you won’t need to worry about disturbing your colleagues or neighbours.

7. Pinball Machine

Pinball Machines in The Men's Cave Showroom

Pinball Machines in The Men’s Cave Showroom

The pinball machine is a game of art. Every one requires talented game designers and engineers to create a series of artwork, special effects and music to complement each other. Pinballs also thrive on exclusivity. See something you like? You should get it quickly because it’ll be sold out in the next instant.

Interested in owning a pinball machine for your game room? You’ll surely find a favourite among this range. No doubt, pinball machines are the priciest compared to everything else in this list. But that’s because it guarantees the most immersive experience in any arcade or game room.

Still wondering what you need in your game room? Share this article with your colleagues, neighbours and family and hear what they have to say!

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