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Best Beef Burger In Bangkok? Bun Meat And Cheese by Homeburg

Best Beef Burger In Bangkok? Bun Meat And Cheese by Homeburg

*To set the context, Daryl and myself we just each had like 1 full tonkatsu set with rice at Maisen over at J Avenue. Yet we managed to gobble down 1 Bun Meat and Cheese’s beef burger each within 5 minutes if I remember correctly.* 

Bun Meat And Cheese is a pop-up stall located on the 2nd level of 72 Courtyard, Thonglor.

Bun Meat and Cheese is the brainchild of the owner Taiki Tsubota, from the famous Homeburg.

For Homeburg, you have to be on the waiting list for months before you get your turn to try 1 of the only 4 burgers being created per night. Bun Meat and Cheese serves also only a 100 burgers a night. (well that’s 25x better than Homeburg!)

Their operating hours start from 5 pm.

Every single burger is meticulously prepared. The bun is freshly baked and it’s super fluffy.

And the beef patty.. it was oooooooooooooooooohhh so gooooooood! You just have got to try it for yourself.

We did not get to try the pork burger as it was sold out. So maybe another time.

From what we know, they do operate till later hours on Fridays and Saturdays and they prepare more than 100 burgers per night for the weekends to meet the demand.

It is not exactly very cheap as 1 burger alone will cost you THB380. That is almost US13 bucks. But I must say it is, in my opinion, the best burger I have eaten to date. Until I get the chance to try Homeburg, my opinion may change.

1 word of caution, it is best to have it eaten when it’s freshly made out of the oven. The bun will get soft and lose it’s texture if you do take away.

Address: 72 Courtyard, Thonglor

Hours: 5 pm to 12 am (Closed on Mondays)

This pop-up stall is not permanent and the lease is till the end of this year. Afterwhich they will probably be seeking to set up somewhere else.


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