Bento Squid Seafood Snack – Super Spicy Seafood

bento squid super spicy seafood

Squid Snack. Love it or hate it. Addictive or repulsive. A snack that has been dividing the world into two camps since eternity.

Some love the unique ‘stinky’ smell and taste that lingers in the palate. Others hate it for the exact same reason. So which side are you on? Personally, I tend to lean towards the side that hates it, for the exact same reason, it usually is stinky. Especially those that are extremely chewy and require an insane amount of jaw strength to chew them apart. My goodness.

Here comes the surprise element for this snack though. It is actually fried, thus the texture is crunchy instead of chewy. A major plus point for me. But I need to specially mention the flavor here though. Super spicy and they really mean it. My tolerance for spiciness is definitely higher than most people out there and this snack really tickles my palate. Not only is it spicy, there is actually a tinge of sourness that actually tastes like lime. I guess that is what the lime image on the packaging is all about. Which makes it all the more addictive and you just want to go for more and more after each bite.

They do have other flavors available and you can differentiate them by their colors on the packaging.

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