Bangkok Property and Food Tour September 2018 – With AroiMakMak and Stranger In Bangkok

Bangkok Property and Food Tour September 2018

Yes, we just concluded our Bangkok Property foot and food tour, September edition. This time around, we decided to have our investors visit all the properties on foot, via Bangkok’s metro.

We had this idea to run it in this manner because we hope this can give our investors a better appreciation of the different locations of Bangkok. And often, we get asked how far a particular property is from the BTS or MRT station.

It was 2 and a half days of visiting. And for the first time, we are happy to get Wilbur from Aroi Mak Mak and Eddie from Stranger In Bangkok to join us.

Wilbur is a Singaporean who blogs extensively about food, travel and anything of interest in Bangkok. As for Eddie, he has been staying in Bangkok for the longest time, and he loves blogging. So he maintained a blog to share his personal adventures living in Bangkok.

So they were responsible for bringing us to interesting locations with good food during the 2 days. And boy did they, not disappoint. At least for me, I particularly liked the brunch place called Luka Moto as well as the Izakaya at Gateway Ekkamai.

I did 2 videos highlighting the Bangkok Property and Food Tour. Enjoy.

We are already getting people asking about the next tour. Our next planned tour will be in December. For more information, please visit

And for all Bangkok property related resources, do visit my portal Invest Bangkok Property.


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