Alone In Hongkong For 2 Days. Food Trail Part 2 of 2


Day 2. (My post on Day 1 here.)

Woke up, checked out of the hotel and headed to my first appointment at Quarry Bay.

Heard from my client that it is getting congested in Central and offices are shifting over to this area.

Curry fishballs. A must-have whenever I’m in Hongkong.

Next stop. Kwun Tong. This is my first time to this part of Hongkong.

It’s surrounded by lots of industrial buildings. Nowadays, cool cafes, quirky restaurants, and creative business spaces are springing up in this old buildings.

I stepped into this Kwun Tong Industrial Center that is located just right next to the MTR. It was lunchtime time.

Saw this super crowded cafe. Seems to be popular with the lunch crowd in this area.

This is what I ordered for HKD 65. Porkchop rice with sides. Comes with a bubble tea drink as well.

Little Eden serves Taiwanese styled bento. The pork chop was super juicy. Super value for money. No wonder it is so popular with the younger crowd.

Little Eden
Room C, 1/F, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre Phase 4, 436-446 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong觀塘官塘道436-446號官塘工業中心第四期1樓C室
1-min walk from Exit D3, Kwun Tong MTR Station

TELEPHONE: 37053143
Next to Little Eden within the same building is another restaurant called Kokon2. Which seems to be popular judging by the reviews online. A hip joint which serves Japanese food. Do check it out when you have the chance.
Address: Room B, 1/F, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre Phase 4 436-446 Kwun Tong Road 
Kwun Tong 
Hong Kong 
Had to eat Dim Sum at least once in Hongkong. Was running through the recommended list and decided to try out Ding Dim 1968.
The master chef behind Ding Dim, Chan Si-Fu, known as Master Black, has been making dim sum since 1968 when he was only 14 years old. Although he always remained anonymous, Master Black prepared dim sum in some of the most renowned restaurants in HK. His nephew, Alex, thought it was about time his works of art were celebrated and people knew who was in the kitchen. Thus, Ding Dim 1968, came about, to showcase Master Black’s delicious dim sum.
Located on Elgin Street, I figured the shortest walking distance would be from Sheung Wan.
It was quite a bit of a walk under the weather. Upslope all the way. I was sweating like mad.
Just when I thought I have reached the promised land, this is what I saw.
They have shifted to Wyndham Street, which is actually much nearer to Central station. So visitors, please take note.
It wasn’t too crowded when I was there. But shortly after, the crowd started streaming in.
秘制高汤小笼包. Xiao Long Bao in superior broth. They also have got a version with crab. Every table ordered this.
Honestly, I thought the skin was a bit too thick. A 3/5 for me. I can find a nicer tasting one in Singapore. Made by a Shanghai chef.
黑松露烧麦 Black Truffle Siew Mai. This is awesome. Must try.
King Hargow 足三两虾饺王. This is equally good. Mouthful of fresh shrimp dumping.
宫廷桂花糕. Royal osmanthus cake. Lightly sweet and refreshing.
If you hate the queue and do not want to compromise on the quality of dim sum. Ding Dim 1968 is a place to go. There are a lot more recommended items on the menu I will want to try the next time around.
59 Wyndham St., Central , HK.
OPEN at 11:00 AM DAILY 
MON to THUR :  10:00 PM
FRI & SAT : 11:00 PM
SUNDAY : 10:00 PM
That last meal wraps up my 2 days food adventure in Hongkong. Try it out and give me your feedback!


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