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Allergy Episode…Can you breathe?

Allergy Episode…Can you breathe?
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Dealing with an allergy response in my kid, the first thing in my mind was breathe. Having her puffy eyed actually did not set of any alarms, but touching her chest did.


Maybe I can attest this to being in the Army previously, being in adventure groups and learning CPR in the past. But the thought of not being able to breathe was an absolute alarm. Airway clearance was the first goal and assessing she could still do so via her nose was great news.

ER – Where is the nearest facility

Thank goodness Seng Kang General Hospital is operational, and literally 5 mins from home. Rush to the car and off we went, forcing her to talk to me all the way, no rest just talk and talk. Ok the hospital is really new and having no cars in the carpark is quite weird. Nevertheless we got to the ER and upon triage whisked over to treatment.

Brave Front

At 10 years old, she held her own, she went with all the injections and extractions of blood. Scared yet braving it out, she went into it and answered all the repeated questions over and over. First time dealing with an allergy is ok but dealing with a major episode is another.

Paediatric Requirements

Being 10 years old meant we needed a paediatric assessment and care and therefore KK it was to be. Safe, in the midst of the morning (3am) and finally getting warded.

The day after an Allergy

Without the boring details we are all home and all is good, yet life is changed a little more. We now need the epipen by our side, and some pills to deal with minor allergic episodes, if any in the future.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


  1. Prioritise the airway
  2. Know where is the nearest ER and get there fast

Get coverage

On an end note. The Letter of Guarantee came super fast at 3am for admission. Ask your insurance agent what that is if you have not heard of it. It basically means you don’t pay anything upfront during admission and well even at discharge. Thank you AIA. (I do not represent AIA in any capacity)


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