Addictive Fried Chicken Skin Snack From Bangkok. And Salted Egg Nuggets.


Check out this snack which is the latest craze in Bangkok – Fried chicken skin! Fried chicken skin is actually a common street food you can find in Bangkok.

Recently, companies started producing them in modern packages. You can find them in all the major supermarkets in Bangkok. The brand we tried is called Max Oceans. According to Wilbur @aroimakmak who has tried several other versions, Max Oceans is the best.

The fried chicken skin has got 3 flavours – original, Sichuan spicy and salted egg. In this video, we tried the original and Sichuan spicy. Personally, I recommend the original flavour. It is very similar to the fresh ones you buy from the street vendors in Bangkok.

We also tried the salted egg nuggets exclusively from After You Dessert Cafe, the dessert stall famous for their Shibuya toast. You can get the salted egg nuggets in all the After You outlets. It is basically shortbread coated with salted egg seasoning. The salted egg taste is a bit weak and the snack has a sweet tinge to it.

I was on the fence about this.


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