What is Little Big Red Dot?

We are a community of bloggers coming together to put our thoughts on a common platform. We love coming up with content and we invite anyone who is keen to blog to join us. We are always looking for contributors for our platform.


Why blog?

Blogging is about sharing your thoughts, an expression of who you are and what you stand for. You let the world understand who you are, get to know your business, understand your work. If you would like to do a write up about your business and place it on our blog, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to get your business out to our readers.


What can I blog about?

Well just about anything under the sun. So long as it is not inappropriate, we welcome your content on our platform. If you would like to add a new section onto our platform, please feel free to suggest and if it is appropriate, we will facilitate.


Why should I put my content on your blog rather than start my own blog?

You could start your own blog. Some of our contributors have their own blog and they either syndicate content onto Little Big Red Dot or come up with new content for the blog. Anyway, this platform is a platform for the community. The blog belongs to every contributor and if you have an event which you would like us to support or advertise, do let us know.