8 Simple Habits To Achieve Financial Freedom That You Can Adopt Today!


Usually advice for financial freedom is set goals, set aside emergency cash and pay off your debts! But they do not propel you to financial freedom WHICH IS IN THE MILLIONS! Financial freedom is for everybody and these are 8 powerful habits/steps.

1) Start talking about financial freedom MORE 1:00 Add timelines to it and define it well. Pin it up!

2) Build your income for the long term 2:00 Learn to network and be good with your colleagues. Entertain recruiters to hear more job opportunities.

3) Save and invest your money fast 3:14 Target 50% savings. Pay yourself first. How much you save impacts you the most at the start of the wealth building phase.

4) Live below your means 4:55 Little choices in what you purchase impact you. How you spend on anything is how you spend on everything.

5) Make a budget every month 5:24 Budgets protect you from squandering money. Prevents you from tempting purchases

6) Negotiate hard for major decisions 6:51 Big ticket items include house purchase, renovation cost etc… Apply negotiation also towards your career

7) Review your finances regularly 8:00 Life changes will happen and this is how you need to see big picture and recalibrate. Review also your investment performance.

8) Take care of your health 8:58 Top CEOs of the world are all in shape. To be able to do well, you have to be fit. 


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