Although kitchens and bathrooms are often the main priority for home renovations, the living room is often the first place that you will think about if your home is in need of a revamp. Since it is often the first room that guests to your home will see, it’s worth spending the time to create a luxury space that says a lot about your personal taste and style. We’ve put together some tips on making your living room look more elegant and creating a celebrity-worthy space.

Large Scale Art

If you follow celebs on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ll notice that large-scale art is the number one accessory to have in any luxury home right now. Huge art pieces are a stunning way to add more interest to an otherwise plain room and they create a focal point for the area. If you don’t have the time to paint an accent wall, a massive piece of elegant art could be used as an alternative since it makes a huge impact and can drastically change the appearance of the whole room.

Add Designer Accessories

Designer accessories will take your living room from drab to fab in just a few seconds. An expensive throw can make a huge amount of difference to your otherwise boring couch and give your living space an elegant, refined feel that wasn’t there before. Check out the Versace Home range for some stunning designer home accessories including throws, decorative items, and even designer dog beds for your pampered pooch.

Combine Textures

A combination of layered textures will give your space a more luxurious and custom-designed look and feel. To create a dynamic, inviting and luxurious space, you can add a mixture of different textiles, leather items, glass, wood, and metals.

Update the Lighting

A simple overhaul of your light fixtures can create an instant new look and feel for your living area. Different lampshades can alter the way that the light falls on the room to create a softer, cozier feel or you could consider swapping out a chandelier for halogen lights if you want a fresher, modern look. Experiment with swapping and moving light sources around to see what looks best in the room.

Add a Pop of Color or a Pattern

Neutral decor is definitely the biggest trend right now and it’s easy, fresh, and good for making changes in the future. However, a space that is too neutral can end up looking boring and clinical, so add some interest to the room with a pop of color or an interesting pattern. A rug with a gorgeous pattern can add interest to a neutral space, while different brightly colored scatter cushions can turn a more clinical-looking room into a stunning, inviting space.

Our living rooms are one of the most used in the house, and often the first room to make an impression on guests. Achieving a luxurious, celeb-worthy living room is easier than you think with these ideas.