I’ve this to suggest considering – Spend all your retirement money in your retirement.
Bill Perkins has this book “Die With Zero”.
DFS co-founder Chuck Feeney who was a billionaire and now broke because of charitable giving.

Based on the OCBC report, retirement with $5,000/m may need an individual to have $2m.
That is a big amount and I’d use semi-retirement as a concept to reduce the amount potentially needed because semi-retirement still has income.

Work can be defined with 4 main quadrants
1) JOB
In the phase of semi-retirement, it will be a stage of completing “JOB” and “AMBITION”. The purpose of work will mainly be for “IDENTITY”. “INCOME” can be targeted at expense level so that retirement savings are left intact to compound.

10:00 If you have $1m at age65 now, factoring in 3% portfolio return with 2% inflation, you can consume $55,500/m or $4,625/m. To clarify, every year from age65, consume a 2% more. If you are age35-40, factor in CPF LIFE escalating payouts of possibly $2,000/m (Based on ERS in 15-20y time). Although the $1m pot (which you can draw down $55,500/y or $4,625/m) in future value is worth less then now, overall I feel it is still a comfortable retirement amount at the age65. #Semiretirement will be a very helpful stage in life and will be factored for #retirement calculation