3 Tips for High Google Search Ranking

All businesses desire high ranking on Google search. But web optimisation is not one-off. Instead, it is a combination of various factors over the long run
All businesses desire high ranking on Google search. But web optimisation is not one-off. Instead, it is a combination of various factors over the long run

High ranking on Google Search is the holy grail for businesses. The ability to achieve first few pages ranking on Google Search without paying for advertising space would save businesses a lot of money. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in.

In short, SEO is about organising a website to allow Google to better understand it. If Google understands a website better, it can show the website to the right audience. The main reason why Google is dominating online search stems from the fact that it can deliver the right results to the people searching. This is Google’s holy grail and they will always strive to provide the best results when it comes to online search. So how then can you ensure high ranking on Google Search?

1) Create unique content

Google loves unique content. Content creation is important and keeps customers engaged with a website. As the business adds content to a website from time to time, Google can better understand a website and thus show it to the right audience. Readers tend to share great content. And Google will take these sharing actions as a positive vote for the website.

Hot Tip Number 1: Maintain a lively blog.

2) Website optimisation

Google looks out for well-built websites. Websites with minimal errors and well-optimised pages that load fast. Google also looks for certain tags which web developers place within the backend of the website to assist it in understanding the website better. These refer to keywords or key phrases and meta tags. This is like having a content page in a school textbook. This allows Google to better understand the content of each page and thus throw up proper search results for users of Google Search.

Hot Tip Number 2: Get a good web developer to build an effective website.

3) Backlinks

Backlinks are when other websites put up links to a certain website within their own website. For some reason, Google views this highly. A backlink is seen as a positive vote for a website. The more important the site creating the backlink, the better the “vote” as seen by Google. If you could get a government website to create a backlink to your website, that would be more valuable as compared to a backlink from a newly created website. For this certain reason, many people may try to participate as guest bloggers on famous websites just to get a backlink for their website.

Hot Tip Number 3: Backlinks are extremely important. Understand it and try to establish good backlinks for your website.

Conclusion on Google search ranking

A common misconception which many people have is that they will pay someone to optimise their website and it will appear on the first page of Google Search after that. The truth is that web creation and SEO can do 80% of the work. To have a first page ranking on Google and to stay there, a business should devise a long-term action plan.


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