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The Singapore Budget 2020 was announced by finance minister Heng Swee Kiat. Here are the initiatives announced that will affect companies and businesses.

How Budget 2020 will affect businesses in Singapore

As uncertainties swirl over Singapore's economy, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Heng Swee Kiat delivered a generous, expansionary budget to aid companies and...
XL Crab Meat Wonton and Prawn Tang Hoon Stall

A visit to Chatuchak Night Market Singapore

Looking for a taste of Bangkok in Singapore? The world's largest weekend market is now open in Singapore! Despite it being a watered-down version,...
Fried enoki mushroom expections versus reality

Chatuchak Singapore – Is It Worth Going?

We explored Chatuchak Singapore Night Market for you guys so you can make informed decisions before deciding whether to make a trip down or...

How to make Unleavened Bread — Matzo recipe for Pesach/Passover

Learn how to make unleavened bread on this episode. A simple recipe for anyone to make right at the comfort of home. Also learn...
Ob Aroi town in town

Very Good Thai BBQ Seafood Dinner For SGD 25 Dollars! | Ob Aroi Town...

Ob Aroi Town In Town. This place is very popular with the locals. And if you want to enjoy some authentic, good tasting and...
super crunchy chocolate snack thai snacks

Super Crunchy Chocolate Snack

Chocolate flavored snacks are the evergreen of all snacks. The majority of the people out there love chocolate. So what happens when you combine...

Tasty Tiramisu Recipe & Camera Museum in Singapore

Tasty Tiramisu Recipe & Camera Museum on Amazing Kitchen is pack full of fun info. Great dessert and a pleasant place to visit on...

D-Date: Will you kiss someone on the first date?

MUACKS!! Who does not love to kiss right? Of course, it is probably not the wisest thing to do right now with the current...

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