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Low Risk Investment|3y Endowment, Portfolio or Bonds?

If you like low risk investment or even those with no risk, your expectation of returns should be lowered.Some alternative methods to get some...

Twist on Caprese Salad Recipe — 意大利凱普萊斯沙拉 — by Amazing Kitchen

Amazing Kitchen's twist on the traditional Italian Caprese Salad. This new recipe is more elegant to eat and will take more finesse, giving it...
best singapore korean bbq

5 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants In Singapore

Are you a fan of all things Korean, especially the food? Missing the taste of Korea from your last trip? Relive those memories with...

Baked Cajun Chicken — 烤印第安雞肉

A very simple and easy to make Baked Cajun Chicken -- 烤印第安雞肉. This recipe is for those who does not like a hassle FREE...

AVIVA MyLifeSavingsPlan | More For Child Savings Than Retirement

Why is it MyLifeSavingsPlan?I personally think it's simply because it's SAVINGS for a LIFETIME? (Till age99 maturity to be exact).Actually if you own this...

Gazpacho Soup — A Spanish Cold Tomato Soup Recipe — 西班牙涼菜湯

Gazpacho Soup -- A Spanish Cold Tomato Soup Recipe -- 西班牙涼菜湯. If you are looking for something healthy with lots of fiber, then this...

What Is IFAST DPMS? | How You Can Get Invested For Long Term!

IFAST runs this portfolio IFAST DPMS whereby you or any investor in it gives discretion to the asset manager (IFAST) to manage the portfolio...

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