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10 things to take note when buying a property. An essential guide for anyone who is looking to purchase a property. Common mistakes to avoid as a buyer.

10 things to take note when buying a property

The decision to purchase a property is perhaps one of the largest financial decisions an individual will make in his or her life. Yet...
Hidden Find: Cheap and Good Nasi Padang @ Stirling Road. You have to try this hidden gem. Delicious tasting Nasi Padang at an affordable price.

Hidden Find: Cheap and Good Nasi Padang @ Stirling Road

I always have my car servicing done at Alexandra. And the shop I frequent, the uncle has been operating the workshop since the 80s. We...
A bowl of beef noodles from Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow

Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow @ Kovan

If you are around Kovan, do try this beef noodle stall. I've always had a thing for a good bowl of beef noodles and...
Heng Carrot Cake @ Newton Food Centre. Newton Food Centre is close to Newton Food Centre. The food centre is a popular food haunt for locals and tourists.

Heng Carrot Cake @ Newton Food Centre

I've heard good reviews about this particular carrot cake stall. Thus I decided to pay a visit to Heng Carrot Cake one evening to...
jago carrot cake

Katong’s Jago Carrot Cake

Carrot cake or chye tow kway (as most of us like to call it) is one of Singaporean's favourite breakfast dish. Carrot cake is made with radish...
The live band at Timbre+, O.K Ready.

Timbre+: Casual dining, live music @ One North

There are some days when all you need is some good food and live music. Well, one of those days happened to be today...
Effects of CEVS and VES on car pricing. The CEVs and VES schemes affect the prices of cars either positively or negatively. We discuss these schemes.

Effects of CEVS and VES on car pricing

CEVS is also known as Carbon Emission-based Vehicle Scheme. It is the current scheme to encourage car owners to buy cars which emit less...
lai heng fried kway teow

Lai Heng Fried Kway Teow: Good Taste, Less Oil (Less Sinful)

I passed by Sembawang Hill Food Center on a weekday late afternoon... not looking for food but to use the loo. I realised the majority...
6 months into Donald Trump's reign as the President of the United States of America, his weakness in policy making is showing.

Apprentice Trump

In spite of all his “bossy” demeanour, POTUS Donald Trump appears to be an apprentice when it comes to policymaking. More than 6 months...
Cost of owning and using a car in Singapore. A breakdown of the finances. Singapore is the most expensive country to own a car.

Cost of owning and using a car in Singapore

Everyone knows owning a car is expensive in Singapore. So how much does it cost to maintain and keep a car in Singapore? Let's assume...

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