15 Short Powerful Films For Good

15 Short Powerful Films For Good

15 Shorts is a film project that aims to showcase lesser-told stories of everyday Singaporean heroes in the 1970s to the 1990s, aimed at inspiring acts of giving.

The films aim to raise awareness on critical and emergent social issues such as social isolation faced by the elderly, identification and support of learning disabilities and autism, as well as the fair treatment of migrant workers.

I first chanced upon 1 of the films recently through a friend’s sharing on Facebook. Intrigued by what I have watched, I searched on further and came upon the official website https://www.15shorts.com/. You will be able to watch all the various films hosted on this site.

Each film director has dedicated his or her film to a charity in Singapore, whose cause is in line with the respective theme(s) of their films.

I believe it is the wish of the people behind this project that the films will speak to us and encourage us to take action in whatever ways we can for the cause of good. (For more information, visit (https://www.giving.sg/15-shorts)


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